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Registrations Paused!

We're pausing registrations so we can make the first pass of rostering. If any age levels have extra room for additional players, we'll announce it here after the weekend (e.g. Feb 6)

Welcome to Delwood Spring 2023!

For Spring 2023, we are open for baseball for ages 5 through 14 (6U-14U) and softball for ages 5-10 (6U-10U).

Baseball and softball registration is open until January 16.

After then, space-available registration is available with an included $35 additional fee.

Division Rate Price
  Early Bird $100
  Regular $135
  Late $170
  Early Bird $125
  Regular $165
  Late $200
  Early Bird $135
  Regular $185
  Late $220
  Early Bird $145
  Regular $205
  Late $240
  Early Bird $155
  Regular $225
  Late $260


We've worked with teams from The University of Texas School of Public Affairs and McCombs School of Business to formulate stronger planning for Delwood—between volunteer wrangling, financials, schedule timelines, and more. Part of this revealed that to be able to suitably fund what is needed—better field equipment, things like drying agents to be able to dry the fields better, provide team equipment, etc—our pricing was not sustainable.

We're a community-first program, however, so we wanted to have the smaller increase possible for our families through our early bird pricing.


The age cutoff for softball is December 31. So, for example, if your child is 6 as of the last December 31, then that child is eligible to play 6U softball, although they can also play 8U softball. 

The full chart for what divisions a child is eligible to play is here: SOFTBALL AGE CHART

Baseball Age?

What is 6U or 8U? What age group is right for my kiddo?

Read more about the age groups, what they mean, and more on our Delwood Baseball page. In short, your "baseball age" is the age you are as of April 30th in a calendar year.

The registration form is set up to offer the age groups that your kiddo qualifies for based on their birth date.

Please note that softball rules are based on the calendar year instead. In both cases, the registration form will show the correct age brackets for their birthday.

Interested in Coaching?

Let us know! Register to be a coach via our Coaches Portal.

Delwood Sponsors

 Interested in becoming a sponsor of Delwood and youth sports in East Austin?

Read more at the Friends of Delwood Sports website.

Could your business sponsor us?

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